Natural product against psoriasis - PSOCALMIN

Натурален продукт при псориазис - PSOCALMIN
Recommendations for Psocalmin cream is to be applied daily, in view maximum benefits from it to be achieved, whereas treatment of different pathological skin changes require application at least twice daily through light massage movements on preliminary well washed and dried skin in view better dermal resorption of the active ingredients to be ensured. Psocalmin cream can be applied on the whole body. For treatment of dandruff, seborea dermatitis and scalp psoriasis apply on clean dry skin in the morning and in the evening and wash hair at each two days.

It may be used for a long period of time, throughout the whole year, irrespective of the season.

It is intended for adolescents, men and women of all ages, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

It is recommendable for persons of all age groups, having problematic, dry and sensitive skin.

It is recommended to use Psocalmin until the full disappearance of the symptoms, and therefore the duration of the treatment depends on the degree of skin damage.


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