Natural product against psoriasis - PSOCALMIN

Натурален продукт при псориазис - PSOCALMIN
Superpharm Ltd. offers Psocalmin cosmetic cream, made in Bulgaria according to technology complying with the quality standards as the company manufacturer is certified under ISO 9001:2000 and has Classifier of packs and packaging, guaranteeing the quality, storage and transportation of the cosmetic product.

cream refers to the leave-on group cosmetic products, which remain on the skin in view to ensure natural protection and maintain its structure on face and body.

The cream Psocalmin has all the legal authorizations documents Issued by the Bulgarian Health Ministry.

The cream Psocalmin has Active Establichment Form – FDA – VCRP 2511 ID 1002178. Superpharm Ltd. is owner of Psocalmin trademark and distribution rights.

Psocalmin cream supplies skin with fatty acids particulary necessary for patients with dermal problems.

Psocalmin cream is distributed in Bulgaria, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and the USA.

Please contact for Canada and USA:
Toll free number 1-877-970-3091


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