Natural product against psoriasis - PSOCALMIN

Натурален продукт при псориазис - PSOCALMIN
In patients with psoriasis, PSOCALMIN shows visible improvement in skin condition after daily use for 2-3 weeks. For prophylaxis – preventing of recurrences of psoriasis – it can be used for very long periods of time – months, and even years.

Except for psoriasis, PSOCALMIN is successfully used as a therapy in cases of seborrheic and atopic dermatitis. This wide spectrum of healing action is also due to the forming of natural protective film from the medicine and improvement of the natural structure of the skin.

PSOCALMIN cream supplies skin with fatty acids particulary necessary for patients with dermal problems.

Thanks to its potent moisturizing effect, PSOCALMIN CREAM is recommended in cases of very dry and parched skin


•  Total lack of corticosteroids, cytostatics and tars;

•  Efficiency and quick action;

•  High moisturizing potential, penetrates well even in the deepest dermal layers;

•  No side effects, safe even in long-term use;

•  Does not lead to addiction and symptoms of skin abstinence.

The virtual absence of side effects allows for the use of PSOCALMIN products in all patients, including children, for periods as long as necessary.

Psocalmin cream :

It is recommended as a supporting and maintenance means in cases of psoriasis, seborrheic and atopic dermatitis

For intensive care in cases of dry skin and dandruff

It forms a natural protection film on skin

It ensures protection against infections and irritated skin

Makes skin less rough

The skin becomes significantly better looking

For skin restoration after burnings

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